130 East  (Mount Hamilton Road) in California

This set is from 10/18/1986.
This was a smoggy day, unfortunately. This road does eventually run to I5, Patterson, and Turlock, but the section from Mt. Hamilton Rd to I5 is not suitable for trucks or oversize vehicles. The road gets much wider and faster after Mt. Hamilton. This road can be closed due to snow in the winter. It's a secondary road, so riding on it with chains is a bit more dangerous than riding on I80 with chains. This road has the same type of recessed pavement markings as a few "guinea pig zones" of I80. Speaking of pigs, I have seen families of wild pigs crossing the road near Grant Ranch County Park.
This is on Alum Rock Ave, in East San José, an unincorporated neighborhood east of 680.
You pass through a rough area of San José before reaching this area.

You have to turn right on Mt Hamilton Rd  to stay on 130.

[130 East]

The first section of Mt. Hamilton Rd is about 40 MPH. It has a lot of wide curves and steep drop offs. The westernmost part of Mt. Hamilton Rd has been developed extensively during the late 1990s.
After about  Three Springs Rd, its  a 20 MPH road. Its a narrow two lanes.  The road never is really steep.

[130 East]
This is climbing the first set of hills.

[130 East]
Mt. Hamilton looks much closer from up here.

[130 East]

 130 East
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