130 East  (San Antonio Valley Road) 

Looking towards Gilroy, Hollister, and the Almaden Valley.

[130 East]
Looking towards the south east part of Henry Coe State Park. If the sky were clear you'd see much of the Central Valley near Gustine and I5 in that area. You'd see the Sierras too, if there was zero smog. I picked up AM radio stations out of Los Angeles from here during the day.

[130 East]

Looking towards the West Part of Henry Coe State Park, and towards I5 near Crow's Landing and Newman.

[130 East]

Looking north at Rattlesnake Butte.
The hills are going brown here. This is from June 1995, after an intense El Niño year.
The mountains shown are Mt. Day, Rattlesnake Butte, and Black Mountain, which are all easily visible from most of the Bay Area, along with Mount Hamilton.

[130 East]

130 East
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