Proposed 130 East in California

This is about three miles west of I5. The sky is still super clear here.

[130 East]

This was taken exactly one mile west of I5, and it is 55 MPH again. Note the brown mile marker at the side of the road.
Mileage numbers are written in the road to be visible from the air.

[130 East] 

Finally here is Interstate 5 and the valley.
Turlock, Merced, and Chowchilla are in the distance.

[130 East]

I don't find it easy to disparage this part of Interstate 5. This is the Del Puerto Canyon Road Interchange. The road continues on to Turlock. 130 is proposed to end at 33 in Patterson. Route 108 is proposed to extend to the Fink Road and I5 interchange.

[Del Puerto Canyon Road Interchange]

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