Proposed 130 East in California

Climbing towards the county line, and the entire eastern county line is a ridge line with a dirt road (Fifield Road.)

[130 East]

Here is the Stanislaus county line. The road is still 55 MPH.
The dirt road visible at the left runs along the entire eastern county line, its private, so don't think of doing it yourself.  It takes five hours per the resident California State University Officer at the observatory to drive the whole thing. It ends as Fifield Road at the crest of Pacheco Pass. You won't see 130 signs beyond this point. The road drops in elevation after crossing the county line.
This summit is more wooded than the picture shows.

[130 East]

Dropping down into the hills of Stanislaus County. A few miles east of the County Line and here the road abruptly slows down to 22 mph, and stays that way until several miles west of I5. Note the change of terrain. Past the summit, it is dryer and a bit less wooded. The mountains on the horizon can be seen easily from Mount Hamilton.  

[130 East]
  The hills are red through here.

[130 East]

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