152 East in California 

This is before Cozzi Road, and this is 16 miles east of I5.

[152 East]

This is just before 33 South, and this is 19 miles east of I5. 33 has an interchange with 152 here.
Merced      23
Madera     35
Fresno       56

[152 East]

This is 24 miles east of I5, by the San Joaquin River. Only one time have I actually seen any water in it. The highway curves to the left then to the right after this. I think all these bridges were redone around 1995.

[152 East]

This is what the valley looks like in the winter: non stop fog. In Merced County, 152 goes over a maze of canals and bypassed rivers that usually are empty, but in El Niño years they can be raging rivers. This photo is from 12/1995.

[152 East in Madera County]

152 East in Merced County
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