Highway 17 South in California

This is at the interchange with 85.

[17 South] 

85 North
85 South

This is 17 just past Lark and the rest of these were taken in 1989, but this highway hasn't changed much since then. The freeway bottlenecks here from the 85 interchange which opened in October 1994.)

[Highway 17 South of Lark Ave
            and 85]

Highway 17 approaching Blossom Hill Road, which never has had an interchange.

[17 South]

Here is 17 approaching Highway 9.
The loops in this interchange are very outdated and seem very dangerous. Note the fact that the road is blocked off and you have to exit here, or at the "East Los Gatos" exit. The second exit is really 9 East.  Highway 17 slows to 55 MPH here. This was the end of 17 for a while after the Loma Prieta earthquake.

[17 South]

This is 17 South by Highway 9 South in March 1987.

[17 South]

17 South

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