180 West and J1 West (Proposed 180) in Fresno County

This is 180 at Whites Bridge in 1994. This is just barely past the King's River Bridge on 180. The King's River carved King's Canyon.The hills in the distance sometimes get snow in the winter. Actually some of the west valley towns get freak snow falls every few years. There is little or no smog in the west valley. This set of hills is mainly owned by the Bureau of Land Management. This shows the Tumey Hills, visible from New Idria Road, and also the Panoche Hills.

[180 West]

180 officially ends at 33 in Mendota. It is proposed (and once was signed) along Belmont, Fairfax, and Shields to Little Panoche Road, along the route of present day J1. It was once signed all the way to 25 and US101 near Gilroy until 1984.  If 180 is built it appears to be likely to follow J1 instead of Panoche Road (a dirt road in the BLM foothills west of I5.) Caltrans has talked about extending 180 to I5 close to the route of J1. This next photo is from 7/1995 on Oller Street in Mendota. Caltrans has talked recently about extending 180 south of here to I5.

[180 West]

J1 Aqueduct fishing access near I5

This is probably within a mile of I5.  This section of the road (west of the canal) is higher in elevation than it is in the valley. There are no services at all at the I5 interchange with Shields Avenue. This part of J1 is wider than the Belmont or Fairfax sections. This is from June 1994.

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