1 North in Santa Cruz County, California

This is scanned off slides from 2/6/1986. This is near 129. I did not advance the film right so part of another picture is inside this picture. This is looking at the beaches to the west.

[Highway 1 North]

This is Highway 1 North near Larkin Valley Road on 12/26/2003.

[1 North]

These next two are on a steep climb by a Vista Point.

[1 North]

[1 North]

17 North
Soquel San Jose Road North, Summit Road North, and Old Santa Cruz Highway North

These two are just north of Santa Cruz. This set is from September 1986. The first photo is scanned from negatives. It was not in this roll when I had it developed.

[1 North in September 1986]

[1 North in September 1986]

After Davenport you see this sign:

Pescadero            25
Half Moon Bay     36
San Francisco       67

1 North

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