Interstate 280 North in Santa Clara County

This is about where 280's widening project began.
 Since then the overpasses and bridges have been strengthened, but little else has changed.

[280 North]
Here is 280 approaching 17 and 880. I took this set because this was right after the 880 signs appeared in the Bay Area.

[280 North]

This now has a carpool lane.  The rush hour congestion runs northbound through here in the mornings.

[280 North]

Here is 280 at 880 and 17. Note how the ramps to 17 and 880 are separate. Some old timers still refer to 880 as "17" and of course it became 880 in 1985, though the signs weren't up until this was taken, in October 1986. Some old 17 signs lingered until 1991. The 880 exit is mixed into the Stevens Creek Blvd and San Carlos St. mess.  880 becomes 17. San Carlos St. becomes Stevens Creek Blvd.  Is that confusing? You better believe it is.

Note the brake lights. 280 used to bottleneck down to 2 lanes each way here (and a two lane ramp from 17 merged onto 280, a left over from the days when 280 started at this interchange.)
This was a nightmare commute in the boom of the 1980s. It was not that bad in the early 1990s and I did commute on this back then.

[280 North]

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I280 North in December 1986 (snowy hills)
I280 North (recent photos)
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