35 South of Highway 9 in California

This set is from December 1988, after a La Niña snowstorm. The yellow sign ahead says "Road Narrows." The road does narrow down a bit, but not by too much. There are no 35 shields south of 9, though you will see the white mile markers that are standard on California highways. I did this route only a few miles south on this day. Past Black Road, this road narrows down to a one lane wisp. That was the way it was when I last did this ride.

The road runs through Park land and open space land. There is also a firing range nearby and a lot of Christmas tree farms. I did ride my bike on this years ago. There isn't that much traffic, but they are going 55 MPH and you're not if you're riding a bike. This ride is an unsigned scenic route.

[35 South of 9]

[35 South of 9]

[35 South]

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