402 West in Ontario and I69 West in Michigan

Kilometer 33. Ontario 402 used to be called The Blue Water Bridge Approach.

[402 West]

Kilometer 25

[402 West]

Welcome to Sarnia. This is by the Blue Water Bridge.

[402 West]

Now we are on I69 West after crossing into the US between Sarnia and Port Huron. You can see this area easily from the approach to DTW. This is Mile 190. Originally I69 ran from here to Indianapolis. It is being worked on from Indianapolis to the Mexico border. I69E is done partially near Robstown, Texas and Corpus Christi, Texas. I am from Corpus Christi. I69E will end in Brownsville, I69C will end near McAllen and the new I2 freeway, and I69W will end near I35 in Laredo. I have friends and family in Houston. I69 is done through there.

[I69 West]

I69 West
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