41 North and 49 North in California

41 enters foothills that have a Mesa quality near 145. It has some steep climbs north of 145. The intersection of 41 and 145 is actually part of the Highway 65 corridor as well. It drops down into several very charming foothill towns, including Coarsegold and Oakhurst. It continues on into Yosemite. Its the main entrance to Yosemite for those coming from Southern California or the southern half of the San Joaquín Valley. This is from September 5, 1996.  Most Northern California Yosemite visitors never see 41 in Yosemite.

This is south of Coarsegold on 41 North.

[41 North]

This is near Bass Lake.  The Sierra National Forest lies in the distance. I really recommend visiting Bass Lake.

[41 North]

This is on Highway 49. Highway 49 has a lot of upgrades and downgrades without getting very high in the central part of the Sierra Foothills.

[49 North]

This is south of Mariposa.

[49 North]

49 North in Auburn

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