46 West in California

This route used to be US 466 before 1964.  US 466 linked Highway 1, Bakersfield, Barstow, Vegas, and Kingman.
46 between 101 and I5 probably needs to become an Interstate or at least a 4 lane freeway.  It carries a large amount of very fast moving traffic and has many accidents.  In fact, James Dean died in a wreck near Polonio Summit. 46 West has four grades between I5 and US101, and at least in 1995 some of them did not have a passing lane.

Like Interstate 40, this route has a lot of truck traffic.  There is very fast moving truck traffic.  This is the only route where I have had double tractor trailers pass me at 110 MPH.  Polonio Summit is a fairly steep grade and is a lot like 152 was in Eastern Santa Clara County before it was divided, thus the high number of accidents.

The California Aqueduct was constructed through here around 1995.  It might very well make this place a bit cooler in the summer.  It can get very hot out here.  Even Paso Robles can be 118 in the middle of summer.

This route indirectly links the Central Coast and US101 with I15, I40, as well as directly linking 101 to I5 and 99. This set is from August 26, 1995, and I doubt this has changed much since then. It is 62 miles from I5 to US101.

[46 West]
These oil wells are a little bit past I5.

[46 West]
The foothills are showing up by this point.

[46 West]

This is the first good sight of the hills.

[46 West]

46 West

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