I580 West in Alameda County (former US50)

  This is from Diedrik Edholm of I580 West by Mile 55. This is in Livermore. This is by Springtown Boulevard and by First Street.

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I680 South
I680 North
Foothill Road is old Route 21. It is Exit 44A.
I680 South in May 2017

This is I580 West near Crow Canyon and the highway is climbing Howard's Pass. Before 1986, this freeway was four lanes wide total.

[580 West in October 2004]

These two photos are from Diedrik Edholm of I580 West by Eden Canyon Road. This is close to Castro Valley. The highway is in a more populated area soon after this. This is by Mile 39. 92 was proposed to meet I580 before I238. I did see ghost ramps for it a few times when I was out here.

[I580 West]

This is by Mile 38.

[I580 West]

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