Highway 85 Under Construction

This is Bernal between Monterey Highway and US101. 85 runs right through here now. This set was taken on April 11, 1990, when 85 was just a mound of dirt. This section was constructed in early 1994 and opened in July 1994. These photos are still looked at quite a bit.

[The 85 Corridor]

You can see a car on US101 heading south here, and the dirt piled up to later form the ramps from 85 to US101.

[The 85 Corridor]

These two are from 8/10/1988. The first photo is the construction of 85 and 87 in south San Jose back then. I think 87 runs through the trench shown here. The interchange was opened in August 1993.

[85 and 87 under construction]

This  shows the corridor being cleared out by US101 and Monterey Highway. There was work here starting about 1990, and by mid 1994 it was pretty much done. This area of 85 opened in 7/1994.

[85 Construction]

This is from October 1988. This interchange went up pretty quickly back then. It looked done by 1990. This is the south end of the 85 and 87 interchange when it was first built.

[Highway 85 and Highway 87 in 1988]

I have been meaning to put these two up for years. These are from 1/3/1986 of the 85 corridor. This at at Stevens Creek Boulevard. There was a huge mound with ice plant just to the left of the edge of the photo. The ground was not excavated to the right of the edge of the photo. The access to I280 was changed in 1992.

[Highway 85 Corridor]

This is south of Stevens Creek near De Anza. 85 runs through here now.

[85 Corridor]

85 Under Construction
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