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Click on the thumbnails to see the full size pictures. These are all from 4/4/2021. This was my first trip since of the start of the coronavirus. This is my only lockdown trip so far. These are taken in Santa Clara county and in San Benito county. They are of: US101, Highway 25, J1, Cochrane Road, Dunne Avenue, and a little of streets in Tres Pinos. This was a very beautiful day. There was some glare this day. It had really rained in a lot of the places shown here before these were taken. There were signs on J1 that said the bridges were out by New Idria. J1 was very bumpy. There was a lot of traffic. Also I did get a few zoom shots of the Mt. Hamilton hills that burned in the summer of 2020. There is a zoom lens shot of the moon I got at a stop light in Hollister. There were many wildflowers this day. I needed this trip. This shows the cities and communities of: Morgan Hill, San Martin, Gilroy, Hollister, Tres Pinos, and Paicines. A few photos were taken in a #8 light yellow camera filter. I had used it for astronomy and I wanted to see how it did on landscape photos. I will not be using it a lot.
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