Cat Photos

This is from August 2021. Butters lived about a quarter of a mile away and he was ten. I got to pet him maybe ten times. I never have talked to his owners though I fear he is gone.

[Cat photos]

This is in the same neighborhood. This kitten is not one of my cats though they might be related. Taken August 2021.

[Cat photos]

This was a neighbor's cat. He came over with them one day. They have owned some cats related to ours. This cat is related to the orange tomcat that lived here in the 1990s. This is from June 2010.

[Cat photos]

I will post more cat photos later. This shows the cats we have owned. There are a few cats photos that just did not turn out the way I want so I will not post those. Since the 1990s I have seen about 20 black cats related to ours, about seven orange cats related to ours, and about six Russian blue cats related to ours. This is a shout out to all the crazy cats I have seen over the years. This is dedicated to all cats also.

Cat photos

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