Credits for my Highway Site

The photos are mainly my own, with about seventy by Peggy, about fifteen by Ashley, about ten by my mom, four of I15 by Kevin Pyles and two from Andy Field of Nebraska, and the JIFFI article with a photo from Mark Brunel. In 2007 I started asking for contributions of photos and I have received 552 brand new photos from Trevor Carrier with seven by his friend Allison from December 2006. And now 310 new photos from Brian.  I also have twelve photos from from Eric Wardell. I have 502 photos from Kevin Weed. I inherited four highway photos of Arizona and Utah. I have 139 photos from Diedrik Edholm.

My information contributors are:
Zach Maillard, Dan Stober, Andy Field, Chris Bessert,  Joel Windmiller, Robert Crowhurst, Harold Johnson, Timothy Reinert, Jo Parris, Timothy S. Weston, Kevin Pyles, Eric Gallina, Bryan Moore, Dave Welwood, George Lionel Baraona, and Jon Ayala.

I started this site in May 1998 and it has grown quite a bit. I have traveled a bit since I started too. At first it was mainly a Nevada and Idaho highways page.  

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