Death in the Family

I am not blubbering but I have really faced this since 2008. Five relatives have died since then. One of them is younger than my mom. Also my mom's first husband died recently. Around 2003 we heard from him and to make a long story short he had been a mile away from us on business and we did not know about that. He and my mom lived in Mississippi before I was born. Also a family friend died in 2012 around age 60 and she went from healthy to dead in almost no time at all. One of my 1980s friends died in 2012. One of my friends was recently killed in a bike accident in October 2018 and he was about my age. I had known him since 1997. And I found out in September 2019 that my paternal aunt, paternal uncle, and a paternal cousin will not be around much longer. It does not help that since 1996 probably 20 of my friends have moved from my town and from SJSU.


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