Dunne Ave East

The road isn't necessarily two lanes the whole way. It becomes one and a half lanes about four miles east of US101.

[Dunne Ave East]

I think this is Pine Ridge, which you can see from most of the South Bay.

[Dunne Ave East in 2001]

This is looking to the east and southeast.
This is the second time I have been up here and seen snow, and seen snow falling too. Also the ridge line closer to the photo is Blue Ridge. That is about where the SCU fire stopped. Past that it burned Mount Sizer, Mustang Peak, and Pine Springs Hill. The latter two peaks are on the horizon and they are on the county line between Santa Clara county and Merced county.
These peaks are in a very desolate part of Santa Clara County.

[Henry Coe State Park]

This is looking towards Salinas and Hollister. The SCU fire burned the bigger hills in the left of the photo and it stopped heading west there.

[Henry Coe State Park]

Dunne Avenue West
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