Dunne Ave West

Looking down on Morgan Hill. El Toro is the low peak to the right of center.  Above it are the foothills along McKean Rd, and the mountains on the horizon are the Santa Cruz Mountain (Summit Rd runs along them to just above Watsonville).  Santa Cruz, Watsonville, and Capitola are all behind this set of mountains and hills.
El Toro burned partially in July 1985, and the Santa Cruz Mountains burned horribly during the same month.

[Dunne Ave West]

Loma Prieta and the rest of the Santa Cruz Mountains are covered in snow and clouds. You can make out snow clearly in the clearings in the mountains, and along the ten lane wide dirt roads used as fire breaks.

[Dunne Ave West]
These next two photos are from 3/4/2006, on the final downgrade on Dunne Ave (west of Thomas Grade.) This is looking towards the area by US101 and 129.

[Dunne Ave West in 2006]

   This is looking towards the hills close to Bailey Ave.

[Dunne Ave West in 2006]

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