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These are all from February 19, 2019. I had meant to get new galleries of the section of 85 from about Bernal to Stevens Creek Boulevard. I have had photos of 85 through here since the 1990s. I wanted to add new photos. There was snow on Mt. Hamilton and the hills were very green. This was a super beautiful day. My only gripe was that there was some glare. 85 will be widened from 87 on upwards.
The galleries of Monterey Highway are from Cochrane to Bernal and from Cochrane to John Wilson Way. There was enough discarded furniture at the side of the road between Morgan Hill and San Jose two fill up two houses. There are new signs saying "Wildlife Crossing Next 6 Miles." And there are new signs prohibiting right turns from Monterey Highway by the railroad tracks. Monterey Highway had many bad potholes. They were working on them when I took these. Click on the thumbnails to see the photos.

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