G17 and G16 East in Monterey County 

The Pinnacles National Monument is first visible here. The distant mountains on the horizon to the left are near San Lucas.

[G16 East]

I believe this is on G16.
This was a hazy day. Otherwise, you would be able to see the Diablo range from Salinas to King City.
The Pinnacles and the foothills near them show up good, fortunately, in this set.
G16 has a narrow, slow bridge at one point, before entering the Salinas Valley. G19 has a similar bridge just west of US101.

[G16 East]

G13 crosses this set of foothills.
Pinnacles shows up good in this set, and it is more dramatic from here than from US101.

[G16 East]

G16 doesn't have an interchange with the US101 Freeway, but you can access it by taking
G16  West to US101 Business in Greenfield. G16 continues on to Metz Rd (G15) in the east end of the Salinas Valley.

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