I17 North in Arizona

These are from Kevin Weed of I17 North in Arizona in March 2018. I have not been out here myself. I-17 is a relatively short interstate only running from Phoenix to Flagstaff and it wound up being one of the more scenic interstate drives I've ever experienced. I think most folks who never make it to Arizona have this perception that it is entirely (aside from the Grand Canyon) nothing but flat saguaro cactus filled desert. While there is a good amount of desert just like that in Phoenix and further south, going north is quite different. as there is a gain of 5,284 feet from Phoenix to Flagstaff, which sits at an elevation of 6,910 feet. As a result the whole drive north is up hill with one instance of a 6% grade and another at a 7% grade.

This is by AZ89A.

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