I275 North in Michigan and I96 West 

Mile 166

[I275 North in February 2000]

This is where I275 Currently ends. And becomes Michigan 5, which runs another exit or so northwards and is being built for another few miles. If this was finished all the way to I75 it would simplify a Flint to suburban Detroit commute. Even numbered three digit interstates usually meet the original interstate twice.

[I275 North in February 2000]

Mile 165
This interchange is huge. It shows that I275 was meant to go on north of here.  Michigan 5 North is a separate freeway to the right. Michigan 5 is signed East and West  on the stretch that heads through Farmington Hills, and it is signed North and South in Novi.
Michigan 5 in the Farmington Hills section is formerly Michigan 102.  This is now I96 West only here.

[I275 North]

I275 seen from the air. Highway  5 is under construction in the distance on 4/27/2000.

[I275 North and Mi5 North]

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