I275 South in Michigan and I96 East

This area has a distinct rush hour, which compares to Interstate 880 in Milpitas, or Interstate 405 in Orange County.
275 is not finished. Parts are under construction in Novi as Michigan 5 just north of I96,  but who knows when it will be finished to I75 in Clarkston.

Mile 165
Just past the interchange with I96 and Michigan 5.

[I275 South]

Mile 167
Here is the morning rush hour, and these two are from 9/4/2001.

[I275 South]

Mile 170

[I275 South]

Mile 170
I96 and I275 split apart here. This is taken near MI14.
Taken 10/15/1999.

[I96 East and I275 South]

I275 South
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