Interstate 5 South in Los Angeles County

This is just south of I710. This section has changed very little since the 1980s. I5 is usually slow from Downey (605) to the Orange County line. Its only 6 lanes wide, total, from Downey to 91, without a diamond lane. Some rural sections of I5 are as wide, or wider. This part of I5 is the Santa Ana Freeway. This photo is from July 2001. The building shown here is an ancient Assyrian theme building complex. I wanted photos of this for years. I got them in 2001. Also the car used on this trip was a 2000 white Ford Focus from Enterprise Rent A Car. It was a hot shot car. Some of the sellouts blew up at us on this trip.

[I5 South]

This is I5 at I605. This is from 1989. This hasn't changed a bit since 1989.

[I5 South]

Starting at the Orange County line, Interstate 5 has been widened dramatically since 1990. It has a diamond lane (or two) in the center divide. Like I80 in Berkeley, the car pool lane has most of its own freeway entrances and exits. The freeway is 12 lanes wide most of the way from 91 to Camino Capistrano, twice as wide as I5 from I10 to 91. 91 is formerly US 91, the way to Riverside, Barstow, Vegas, Salt Lake City, Idaho Falls, and Montana.

This sign is unchanged. Right after this point, I5 becomes much wider.
You're not seeing fog in this picture, the smog is so bad that the street lights are on. This was taken in March 1986.

I5 South at 91 in March 1986

Approaching 91 itself (formerly US91). This set is from July 5, 2001. I5 becomes much wider once you enter Orange County.

I5 South

I5 South

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