Interstate 80 East in Nevada

Mile 351
This is overlooking Wells and I80 continues off in the distance towards Pequop Summit. This is from April 1999, and I have distant family in this area. I have not done I80 between here and US30 in Wyoming during the day so there are no photos of mine of that section.

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Wells is a good place to stop and get gas and also to eat before making the drive to Salt Lake City. In the winter you have to worry about the weather from Wells to Salt Lake City, Twin Falls, or Ely. In the summer you'll have to worry about the Great Salt Lake desert if you have a car that doesn't like extremely hot weather. After Wells, I80 gradually climbs a few miles, then enters a long series of mountain grades and climbs over Pequop Pass (6987') and Silver Zone Pass (5940') before entering Utah. The speed limit drops to 70 over Pequop Pass. I wish I had photos of I80 East and more of I70 East past here but I do not. I80 over Parley's Canyon is a difficult pass and it is one of the worst in the interstate highway network.

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