Interstate 80 West and Interstate 580 East

This part of I80 West is multiplexed with I580 East in Berkeley
This is one of the most traveled highways in the entire nation. It has carpool lanes with their own entrances and exits, like I5 in Orange County. This is from October 1991. I had to take I580 to I980 to get back to I880. I880 was gone just south of here from 1989 to 2007. This is about Mile 10 on. 123 used to be US40.

[I80 West]

This is the Mac Arthur Maze Circa 1991.

[I80 West]

This is from Diedrik Edholm in 2014 of I80 West looking towards the new Bay Bridge. It had to be replaced due to the collapse that happened in the Loma Prieta earthquake.

[I80 West]

This is looking at the Golden Gate Bridge (US101), the east old span of the Bay Bridge (I80), and San Francisco. I80 ends officially at the Embarcadero ramps, but goes on as "Route 80" until US101. I80 was supposed to go on to Golden Gate Park. The eastern span of the Bay Bridge was replaced because parts of the old section collapsed in 1989's earthquake. Caltrans worked extremely hard to fix the damage back then. It was back up again fairly quickly. I880 near here took much longer to fix.

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