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>These are all from 10/6/2019. This was an unusual trip in that there was hot weather in the Bay Area and the sky still looked good. There were pretty high clouds. These are of: Monterey Highway, 87 North, US101 North, G3 (Oregon Expressway and Page Mill South), I280 South, and 85 South. The lake by Metcalf was very full in October because it really rained last winter. The traffic on 87 was as bad as something in Southern California. That freeway has changed since I last took photos of it in 2008. US101 had more traffic due to events in San Francisco. G3 was really nice as was I280. 85 was busier than normal. Also Monterey Highway still had some junk discarded at the side of the road. There was a ton there last winter. There was an abandoned RV on the shoulder near Palm but I did not get photos of it. It might have been stripped a little. This part of the state does not usually look like this in October. There is some glare in some of the photos of 87 and US101. I might have to skip a trip in the Bay Area during this kind of weather since the smog can be horrible in October.
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