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It took 15 years to get these online for a bunch of reasons. First off I was barely used to my new digital camera then. I took probably 500 photos and I lost all but these. This was a trip to see an absolutely stupid, unromantic wedding in another part of the state. Until 2008 my mom and I were semi-routinely rooked into going to see a bunch of phonies. This was a trip to see phonies get married. The place where the wedding was held burned down from a huge wildfire a few hours after we left! We smelled smoke and it was gone the next day. They're the only ones I am mad at when I am writing this and I will not write more about this. I am glad I lost the wedding photos! It is no joke that they pushed us into going here three times between the summer of 2001 and early 2002. They also repeatedly expected us to move down there at the drop of a hat even though I would lose college credit when I was studying in a university. And it is not like I was in high school and I could just drop everything and get full credit. And as if I had no life in college. These idiots made no effort to know us even though we were related to them. In fact everyone else knew us better than they did. SELLOUTS ARE NOT FAMILY. They were never on my site and they barely knew about it. I still get p*ssed off that I had to go down to a certain area of the state so much. They kept me from doing exotic trips in other parts of the state. On the flip side they routinely were in my part of California with no effort to see us at all. They even drove through the same town where I live. I wanted to do some out of this world interesting trips for my audience. Also they pushed us into a trip that almost resulted in blowing an engine on a 1977 BMW in Texas. That trip cost us over $3,000 in 1978. When it comes to the highway photos I had the wrong kind of compact flash card. I did not have the space in 2003 for these online. These are of US101 from Bradley to Cochrane Road. This is from October 26, 2003. Some of these were online in the past. I took a lot of photos because I really loved this rent a car. Also there were horrendous wildfires pretty close to where we did this trip this day. Click on the thumbnails above to see the regular size pictures.

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